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About Us

Child & Social Welfare Society -CSWS was set-up as a registered society by a few socially enterprising educated youths to bring economically and socially hard pressed people of flood prone and agriculture based area to mainstream development. The relentless endeavors helped the people of the area to acquire modern technology to compliment traditional mat weaving skills, modern health facilities to overcome IMR and MMR rates, acquire access to education and enjoy peaceful old age with help from scores of INGO, GO and FI association.

Aims :

Ensuring access to basic needs of marginally placed children, women and old rural population by providing knowledge, organization, skill, technology and infrastructure support. The objectives being to salvage sinking rural economy by creating additional employment in non-farm sector using locally available resources, traditional skills and merging the same with institutional finance, modern technology and upcountry marketing. Provide sound preventive, promotive and curative health care facilities at door steps to reduce maintenance cost and adopt older person to enable them to remain within respective family ambience.


  1. To bring people into the mainstream of development.
  2. To motivate community people towards need based change .
  3. To make education available for all.
  4. To strengthen the formal education system with the application of professional training course.
  5. To empower village women in socio-economic fields.
  6. To motivate village people in alternative, preventive and promotive Health Care System.
  7. To ensure a healthy, well balanced environment.
  8. To consider all round health and well being development issues.


  1. To act as Resource Agency who can encourage unemployed.
  2. To change lives of Local Youths and Village women from traditional way of living into a contemporary world.
  3. To equip disadvantage group and backward class with feasible and viable vocational skills.
  4. To make “Education For ALL” and cut the drop-out rate from school and introduce Life Skill Education in schools Program