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HANDICRAFTS Exhibition in kolkata 2021-22

The Handicrafts exhibition 2021-22 was organized at Rabindra Tirtha, New Town, Kolkata  from 3rd December to 12th December, 2022 supported by Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India as per their sanction order No. M-12014/32/2021-22/MD/Gen & SC Dated: 31.08.2021  Prior to the exhibition the General Secretary and other officials of Child & Social Welfare Society, Markandachak visited Rabindra Tirtha thrice to do survey for selection of venue, contacted with different offices, Police station, decorators, media, Municipality, Fire Brigade etc. They also had conducted constructive meetings with local responsible persons and affiliated NGOs for necessary arrangements towards meeting program success.