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Welfare Sector

Children’s Home:

     150 destitute girls’ children have got shelter in destitute home of CSWS   with financial support from Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal. The children are enjoying educational, health & hygienic, nutritional, medical, recreational care with proper guidance of sincere house mothers. They are also being trained in handicraft works for becoming self supported after completion of formal education.CSWS offers 2 ways facilities for the welfare of poor, incapable and old people of its project areas.

Old Age Home at the central campus of CSWS:

     Older people who are left alone in the world and have no resources to be dependent on it are brought in the old age home of CSWS by the community level workers. Food, clothing, lodging, medicines, and entertainment facilities are being provided to all 25 elderly at Home. They not only reside in the Home but also participate in different socio-cultural events organized by CSWS. Some of the active inmates extend helping hand in income generation activities as per their capability. They are also taking care of destitute children of Cottage Home at CSWS. This year the older people went to Digha, Mandarmoni and Chandaneswar as pilgrimage. They enjoyed tremendously the whole day.  Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India has been supporting for this project.

Astitva Program for elderly people:

     The poor aged people who have relatives and want to stay within the family are supported by Astitva Program. This program is sponsored by Help The Aged, U.K. 1100 elderly people are enjoying the program. CSWS is always in favour of living within the family under the protection of family members. But the family members are not capable of providing monetary help. CSWS comes forward and takes new policies to support them

     Elderly people are organized through ESHGs (Elderly self help groups), They have been trained in operation of ESHGs, operating group accounts in bank, maintaining group activities. They have started income generation activities with some seed capital to be self supported. These ESHG members are supporting destitute vulnerable neighbouring elderly people out of their profit generated from income generation activities and grain bank.

      All the beneficiaries are getting medical support, physiotherapy support through medical clinics run by CSWS. Advocacy programs are another activity for the destitute elderly people for availing Govt. Pension and BPL cards. Eye care is also providing to the elderly people through eye check up and cataract surgery.

     Moreover, CSWS also encourages inmates of Home and ESHG members to stay active by exploiting their skill of doing something creative. CSWS inspires them to work on craft under the expertise of CSWS. It also organizes spiritual program for them at the central campus, Markandachak and in decentralized locations in the project area. This keeps older people energetic and gallant.

     There are 75 ESHGs formed with the working and assisted elderly people and 6 Village Level Federations of ESHGs have been formed. With representatives from these VLFs one District Level Federation (DLF) has been formed named as Medini Elders’ Welfare Association.